Hello. All things pixel is what I do.

I create pixels with purpose. I'm a strategist and perfectionist first, then a designer. Without a plan, it's just a bunch of pixels.

Perfectly-placed pixels persuade.

When you want it sung from the rooftops, you want pixels working in perfect harmony. I'm a pixel composer.

Wowing websites work wonders.

First impressions are everything on the web. I make sure your pixels are dressed to impress.

Stellar software solutions.

Need custom software but don't know where to start? Let's chat.

Please peruse my pixel portfolio.

I've had the luck of working with some great clients. Check out some of the charms I've collected along the way.

Mike's my moniker. Meet me:

I'm always after the perfect solution, graphics that wow, and results that please. Oh, and I like alliteration also.

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